Phases of the Development at DIN

In 2005, the internet center at the University was established as a nucleus of lab for researches and the use of digital information technology at the University administration, therefor the infrastructure of DIN at the University had been established as following:

Phase 1 (2006:2008)

This phase included:

· Linking Benha University sites with the Network Center at theoretical faculties Campus to form a unified network for the University.

· Constructing an internal network at each faculty by 305 network points at the University.

Phase 2 (2008:2010)

Developing the infrastructure of DIN for MIS which has targeted the construction of network to link the departments of each faculty like (Student Affairs – Post-graduate Studies – Alumni – Accounts - Purchases – Controls – Libraries – Quality – Hall of Meetings and Discussions - …).

This Phase has been done by 527 network points at different sites of the University.

The Current Phase (Systems of Security and Protection of Networks and Servers)

This Phase has targeted the modernization of University network and the construction of Modern Data Centers to realize the main objectives of any Data Center which can be summarized as following:

  1. Set of Main Servers to provide the information services of the University whether in MIS, Web pages / Portals, E-learning, E-mail Systems, or DNS Systems and others of important applications which required by the University to achieve the minimum of the Quality System.
  2. Inserting databases and different systems in an integrated system and providing the required Security Systems which include: Fire Walls / Intrusion prevention and Detection / Cache / Engines and others of important applications.
  3. Providing Systems of Network Monitoring to activate the role of network operators in doing the required works.
  4. Providing a general framework for the protection of systems, hardware, software, and databases to facilitate the protection…etc.
  5. Providing unit of storage and unit of tapes to make backup copies of databases…etc.
  6. Providing appropriate training for the engineers of the project:

· Two engineers in the field of Security Systems and Network Monitoring.

· Two engineers in the field of Servers Management, Storage Units, and Backup Copy.