Din aims to:

  1. provide a secure communication environment to enter in the world of Digital Information in a way that make the use of Information Network at the University a safe and available mean for all without any risk.
  2. Provide an infrastructure for communication and information at the University to transfer, provide, and exchange the information and communications locally, regionally, or internationally.
  3. Facilitate the communication between faculty members, staff, and students to each other and providing the local, regional, and international environment.
  4. Contribute in the support and development of education and scientific research.
  5. Enable the student to study remotely and reach to courses and others as well as facilitating the continuing and open education.
  6. Assist in live broadcast and transfer of lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, and others inside and outside the University.
  7. Support the e-management, IT, and decision-making at different levels.
  8. Facilitate the process of documentation and electronic archiving of documents and exchanged information.
  9. Assist in raise the abilities and skills of academic and administrative body at the University in dealing with techniques of information, communication, and multimedia.
  10. Operate, maintain, and develop the network and infrastructure of information at the University.
  11. Provide a teamwork at DIN that has the ability to:

· Protect, secure, and monitor the networks.

· Manage servers and copy the contents of data.

· Operate, maintain, and develop the infrastructure of information network at the University.

· Develop and raise the level of performance for staff at DIN.